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The goal of dilp is to help with analysis of quantitative fossil leaf traits. Key functions included are:

  • Digital Leaf Physiognomy - dilp()

    • Estimate mean annual temperature and mean annual precipitation using multiple linear regressions.
  • Fossil Leaf Mass per Area - lma()

    • Reconstruct leaf mass per area using leaf area and petiole width
  • Leaf Margin Analysis - temp_slr()

    • Estimate mean annual temperature using leaf margin analysis
  • Leaf Area Analysis - precip_slr()

    • Estimate mean annual precipitation using leaf area analysis


You can install the stable version of dilp from your R session with:

You can install the development version of dilp from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


Find a basic example of running a DiLP and LMA analysis in this vignette

For ease of use, a template spreadsheet for data collection can be found here: DiLP Data Collection Template

If you encounter any problems, or would like to request a feature, please create an issue here